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What is aDeathwish?

A ‘Deathwish’ is simply what you want to happen when you die. Send your mates to Vegas, get a bronze statue made of yourself or pay off the mortgage.

Boring or bonkers – whatever you want. Choose from the list of Deathwishes in our store or create your own.

Make a deathwish

How to make a deathwish

Deathwishes are your chance to define what you want to happen when you die. It’s all about the what, the who and the how.

The what

What do you want to happen? When nothing matters, what matters? Get the mortgage paid off, clear your debts, pay for someone’s education or get a big bronze statue made in your image for the garden.

The who

Who’s it for? Maybe it’s for a member of your family, a pet, a charity, a group of friends, your community or maybe an English rock band formed in the 1960s.

The how

How can you make it happen? If for example, you wanted to pay off the mortgage - and you don’t have the cash stashed away somewhere, then you’ll probably need a payout to cover this. Here’s where we can help.

Get a plan

A life insurance plan So make that deathwish, then get a life insurance plan to cover it. With DeadHappy you can get covered in just 4 minutes online, it’s that simple.

Popular Deathwishes

Not the desire for self-annihilation, but our way of helping you understand what you want to happen when you die.

image of a group of friends walking down the street
Provided by DeadHappy

Give my friends some cash

Right you lot. Please spend this on something you love. I'm case in point that life is short, so it needs to be...

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Image of eath in space
Provided by DeadHappy

Buy someone their first car

Leave a gift to someone special and celebrate the milestones even if you can't be there

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Image of eath in space
Provided by Aura

Send my ashes to the edge of space

I've always wanted to see the world, this way I can see it all at once.

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Want to see more? Create your deathwish now

Using our deathwish platform, you can create, explore and add beneficiaries, give it a go.

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Sharing a deathwish

We’re trying to change attitudes to death. As a nation we’re predictably uncomfortable when it comes to talking about, and planning for death.

Why is sharing important? When it comes to death, it’s usually the things that aren’t shared that cause all the problems. Even the really simple stuff, cremation or burial? What do you want to happen with your ashes? What do you want to wear in your coffin? All very reasonable questions, but have you ever considered them before?

So when you’ve created that Deathwish, don’t forget to share it. Otherwise no-one will know that you wanted the grim reaper to carry out your cardboard eco-coffin and a cash payout to go to your daughter to help buy her first house.

My name is Greens and this is my deathwish

We asked Rugby world cup winner Will Greenwood what his deathwishes are. All we know is that we want to be at his funeral for the eton mess.

Sharing is caring. When we start sharing deathwishes is when we start changing attitudes.

When nothing matters, what matters? Have a cup of tea and think about it. Then, if you want, Make a Deathwish.