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We’re Changing attitudes towards death

Experience the ride of your life.

Do you live in Leeds or Newcastle? We wouldn’t be seen dead there… definitely alive, though! They happen to be two of our favorite cities.

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We know you’ve probably lost track of all the times you’ve sat and thought about having a ride in a hearse BEFORE you die and now, you’re in luck!

We’re taking our Tombstone Taxi on tour in Leeds and Newcastle during the second half of May and we want you to hop right in and have a natter with us about death.

Need a taxi?

Need to arrange a taxi? Why bother! Let us know when you need a lift and we’ll try to make it happen. Better still, prank a mate… watch Jim from HR’s face drop when you rock up in our sexy hearse instead of the usual old banger that you pick him up in for your lift-share to work. Tell your gal pal that you’re getting a normal taxi into town for your night out, only to appear in our stunning death wagon and give her the shock of her life.

What’s more, it won’t cost you a penny. All we want to do is pick your brains (not literally… that’d be gross) about what you’d like to happen when you die and what you want to do whilst you’re still very much alive to ensure you aren’t remembered as a boring old fart.

Sound fun, albeit slightly weird and creepy? Good, that’s what we were going for.


19th/20th May


24th/25th May

When will we be there, we hear you ask?
Our Tombstone Taxi* will be gracing the streets of Leeds on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th May, before moving on to Newcastle for Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th May.

I’m sold, what’s next?

How can you nab yourself a free ride with our Tombstone Taxi?
Simply fill out the below form and we’ll give you a call if we can make it happen.

Competition now closed!

Whilst we’re at it, we might as well tell you about some other mischief going on in Leeds and Newcastle at the same time our Tombstone Taxi will be out in the wild. Keep your eyes peeled for some tiny tombstones appearing here, there, and everywhere. More on that here, if you want to cheat a bit. We won’t tell.

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