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3 days as a DeadTechy

Last week Hannah came aboard the DeadHappy tech team to get a better understanding of what a career in tech might be like. Here's how she got on during the three days she was with us.

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02/08/2022 | 9:22 am


Work experience at DeadHappy

On my first day at Deadhappy, I was immediately welcomed into the workplace by so many nice people and felt right at home. I observed the Wednesday Wake, got warmly introduced to the company and spent the first day learning about Deadhappy itself and the Deadtechy guys I would be working with. I was never ignored or left to figure things out myself, everyone was happy to assist me and give me a quiet, calm place to work and chat. Learning about Deadhappy’s values, website and workers was a great experience, and I let out a huge sigh of relief when learning about the lack of strict rules! As someone who has anxiety, I was very nervous that I wouldn’t fit in, or do something wrong that didn’t fit with the culture there, but Deadhappy made it clear that it was nothing to worry about. I’m bad at holding conversations and keeping eye contact, but I think the kindness shown by everyone there made me much more confident and comfortable.

On my second day, I met with Bal and I got to observe meetings he attended as well as work on the website itself. We went through the architecture of Deadhappy and I got to meet the people he was working on his current mission with. He was patient and took the time to explain everything to me, as I didn’t understand much at all. Before, I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to complete the tasks he gave me because I don’t learn Javascript at school, but Bal gave me resources to teach myself the basics and taught me a lot himself. Working with him was a pleasure, and I feel like we spoke as equals and not like a teacher to a student. It was nice to be treated the same as everyone else and gave me a healthy experience in the workplace. We worked on a small addition to the website’s account-creating system, but it was important and helped me learn how to do some front and back-line coding. 

Even though my third day was my last, it was just as good as all the others (maybe even the best). I got to join in on the annual Tech Showcase and display the work me and Bal had completed the day before to a large group of people and gained their support and feedback. We then spent time working to get our mini project pushed out. This was interesting viewing how things were put onto the actual website, and got me involved. I spent the rest of the day meeting up with tech members from Deadhappy and learning about their career journeys while asking questions and receiving feedback and tips. I got plenty of free time to spend working on personal projects (like this blog) and was never rushed, stressed or anxious. Working at Deadhappy was fun and challenging, as well as uber chill. 

Overall, I don’t think it could have been any better. I’m very thankful for this opportunity and was never disappointed. I learned key communication, coding, and teamwork skills, and got to have a great experience in a lively work environment. I can’t put into words how good the culture is at Deadhappy, everyone gets along very well and any problems no matter what they are are solved quickly and efficiently. I definitely recommend Deadhappy to anyone interested, no matter how much or how little skills you have in the field of work you want to go into.