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Things to do this Christmas break

Looking for things to do this Christmas break? Look no further. We’re bringing a fountain of ideas to keep you entertained.

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Andy Knott

December 21, 2020

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Twixmas, Christmas hangover, New Year’s Eve-eve – whatever you call it, that weird week between the last bite of roast potato and pretending you know the words to Auld Lang Syne can be a bit, well, dead. No one knows what day it is or what they’re supposed to be doing.

Just like the rest of this year has been, really…

But this month we’re coming to the rescue: we’ve compiled some of the best things to do to keep you occupied once the batteries run out on your new gadgets and before you want to kill your family.


Binge on a boxset

We love telly. Becoming one with the couch and building a blanket fort are compulsory. Why not get stuck into a dead good boxset?

Some of our death-inspired faves are Six Feet Under, The Good Place, and After Life. If you’re feeling less morbid, stick with The Muppet Christmas Carol and just skip the spooky bits.


Go outside (if you’re allowed…)

Contrary to popular belief, the outside world still exists. Somewhere, beyond the curtains and trail of biscuit crumbs, is a frosty winter wonderland waiting for you.

Check out your local walks, parks, runs, hikes and get some fresh air. It makes the celebratory hot chocolate afterwards even better.


Stay indoors (nothing new here then)

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Count us in.

If going outside isn’t on the cards, stay inside and start a new hobby – they’ve been proven to increase feelings of wellbeing and boost your mental health, which can only be a good thing in the longer, darker months.

Try journaling, rating your favourite tea bags, coding, knitting, or whatever makes you happy.


Plan ahead

There’s never a good time to die. According to the latest 007 movie, there’s No Time to Die, and if Bond says it then it must be true. And dying between Christmas and new year would be inconvenient at best. So before you die, because, FYI, you eventually will, make sure you’re prepared with the Swiss army knife of life insurance. DeadHappy life insurance plans let you plan for tomorrow while paying a cheaper rate today. Happy days.