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Deathwish of the week, nay month – a penis shaped parting

What do you do when your boss is a ‘colossal knob’? Shower him in sparkly penis shaped glitter when you die of course!

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Louise Jeffery

November 5, 2020

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The ultimate karma bomb!

Anything slightly anarchic really gets our blood pumping here at DeadHappy so when we read this deathwish from the vigilante TJ (identity protected – because quite frankly, we wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for anyone) we just had to get in touch.

The little rebel had this to say:

‘So he was my boss at the last pub I worked at and he was the most arrogant man on the planet who would just mope about spreading his misery and gloom everywhere. He treated the staff like slaves and he was better than just about anyone! Honestly if the queen visited he would have expected her to curtsey to him.. He was a knob. He hated any guests with an allergy, or kids, or elderly family members. The man was a total penis. That’s when inspiration hit!

Penis…. Glitter?

Glitter Bomb!

Penis glitter bomb ?

If the man is going to act like a colossal knob then upon my death bed I shall have my revenge with an explosive bomb of penis glitter’

We can see the ex-bosses face now TJ, also when they’re still picking penis glitter out of their tea a month later, it’s just the deathwish that just keeps on giving.

Deathwishes don’t have to be about money – although that does help get stuff done. Deathwishes were created by DeadHappy to get people to think about what they want to happen when they die.

Once you’ve created one, share it. Don’t keep it a secret!

Fancy showering someone in glitter when you die or have another brilliant insurrectionary idea?  We really, really want to hear about it.

Connect with your inner rebel. Create an awesome Deathwish, you know you want to.

Vive la revolution!