Memorial jewellert

Shine bright like a diamond: mourning jewellery

Who said your sparkling personality can’t keep shining after you’ve hit the bucket? Say hello to mourning jewellery.

Funeral traditions in Sweden

Cultural spotlight: Swedish death traditions

From death cleaning to funeral sweets: the Swedish death traditions we’d gladly adopt.

Top 10 funeral songs – now that’s what I call mourning

Ever wondered what are some of the top choices for funeral songs? We did some digging. Spoiler alert: Westlife might be topping the charts.

Leave it all to the dogs! Our favourite pet deathwishes

Want to make sure Fido is well fed & walked when you die? Maybe take some inspiration from these four legged inheritees.

contemporary vs traditional funerals featuring victorian funerals

Funerals through the ages: the history and traditions

How have funeral traditions changed over time? Has the modern selfie replaced post-mortem photography? We want answers (spoiler alert: this blog has them).

How does a song become your song

How does a song become ‘your song’?

So how do people choose ‘their song’? Do you have a ‘your song’? Whatever it is, it better not be ‘You’ve Got The Love’. I’m claiming that one.

Christmas break according to santa

Things to do this Christmas break

Looking for things to do this Christmas break? Look no further. We’re bringing a fountain of ideas to keep you entertained.

Unusual Christmas traditions

DeadHappy presents: Unusual Christmas traditions from around the world

Christmas is not just tinsel and cross-eyes fairies… Here are some of the weirdest Christmas traditions from around the world.

An alternative take on nobel prize

Nobel Prize Day: DeadHappy style

We give you the Nobel Prize’s mischievous evil twin, the Ig Nobel Prize. Celebrating unusual or trivial achievements in scientific research. DeadHappy style.

Give your heart this Giving Tuesday

Will you be giving this Giving Tuesday..?

What could potentially redeem us from the impulse buys of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Well, Giving Tuesday of course...

Black Friday Sale sign

Black Friday Sale: The Deadly Injuries Edition

Deals to die for. Quite literally! We talk about when sales go very wrong, best stick to shopping online perhaps?

Death Row pre-death wishes

Deathrow pre-death wishes: everything from Peas to Peace, our pick of the strangest death row last requests.


Putting the FUN in funeral

From glittery coffins, a star wars themed guest dress code or arrival by tractor. Whatever you do for your funeral, make it interesting.

Día de Muertos

What is the Mexican Día de Muertos festival?

Día de Muertos is a holiday to remember the dead. What do we know about it and how can it help us deal with our own mortality?

Play dead

What we can learn from our pets

Competition’s stiff

When it comes to funeral home names