What is Life Insurance? Or as we call it, Death Insurance

Life Insurance is a type of insurance policy that can pay out a cash lump sum upon your death. Life insurance is designed to minimise any financial impact on your loved ones if you die. We call it Death Insurance, because that’s what it is, a payout in the event of your death; we’ll even help you create a ‘Deathwish’ to record and plan for what you want to happen in the event of your death.

Despite what others would have you believe, life insurance is really pretty simple. You pay a monthly fee, and if you die a lump sum of money (we call this your ‘payout’) is distributed to your loved ones, meaning money is one less thing they have to worry about

Where it can get a bit more complicated is with conditions and exclusions, with some companies having many pages of these in their terms and conditions. We try and keep exclusions to a minimum to keep it as simple as possible

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Do I need Life Insurance

Are you immortal? Then probably not.

But if you’re like most of us, death is an inevitable part of being human. If you’ve people you care about, who you’d want to receive a cash sum upon your death then Life (or Death) Insurance could be the insurance you’re looking for.

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Why should I take out a Life Insurance Plan with DeadHappy

We thought traditional life insurance was a bit rubbish really, so we decided to shake things up a bit. We’ve created a life insurance product rebuilt from the ground up to really meet your needs rather than the same old outdated inflexible plans . No long boring forms, irritating phone calls or shady pricing.

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Get a life insurance quote and get covered online in minutes. With our streamlined application process, we only ask a few health questions, (4 to be precise) so it’s very quick and easy. If you’re accepted; pay and your life insurance plan starts straight away

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We know life changes, a lot. Most life insurance policies don’t flex with you so you could be left with a policy that’s pretty useless if your important stuff changes. That’s not what we’re about. When life changes, you can change your plan to suit your needs or break up with us, if that’s what you really, really want

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Not because we’re rubbish, far from it. We’re cheaper because we’ve completely re-invented life insurance, from the bottom up (not unlike Kylie with those gold hotpants). We base your quote on who you are today, not who you will be in 15, or 25 years time, so you can get genuinely great, yet cheap life insurance

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We’re flexible to change…

Our life insurance is pay-as-you-go with a 10 year lifeline. Let's break that down.

Firstly, the PAYG bit means that you are only committed for 1 month at a time, you can cancel whenever you want with no penalty. Yes, you can break up with us if it’s what you really really want, and we won’t shred your favourite t-shirts or email your mum, but we think that once you’ve met us, you’ll want to keep us forever, or at least until death us do part.

Secondly, the lifeline bit refers to how long we guarantee to keep you insured if you get diagnosed with an illness.

In theory, after this point, your life insurance plan will automatically end. We don't ever want this to happen though, because we love you and don't want to lose you. So every year, we’ll give you the option of 'refreshing' your lifeline, and taking it back to 10 years, subject to a few health and lifestyle questions. It usually takes just a few seconds to refresh.

Deathwish you say?

At DeadHappy, we’re more than just Insurance, we want to help people plan for, think about and share what happens upon their eventual death, which is why we created Deathwishes. Whether it’s planning how you want your funeral to be (Star Wars or natural burial, and everything in between), you want a bronze statue of yourself for the garden or someone to delete your internet history files, we can help you consider and plan. Read more about Deathwishes over on our dedicated Deathwish page

Perhaps the question should be “Why shouldn’t I get a life insurance quote from DeadHappy?”

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When do I need to take out Life Insurance

It’s up to you really. A lot of people consider Life Insurance at the same time as a big life event, such as buying a house, getting married or having children. If there’s someone you care about, spouse, children, dog, best friend, or other loved ones who you’d want to leave some cash to when you die, then you (or rather they) could probably benefit from you taking out some sort of Life Insurance cover. But really there’s no right or wrong answer. To read more we've even written a blog on the subject.

How much will Life Insurance cost from DeadHappy?

Obviously it depends on a few factors. How much of a cash payout you want is one of the big factors. How old you are, and whether you’ve got certain illnesses can also increase your how much you pay for your life insurance plan, but we’ll bet our last 50p we’ll still be the best quote you’ll find.

Why are we so much cheaper? - it’s simple, it’s because we base your plan on who you are right now not who you might be in 25 years time. So you get a plan that’s right for who you are today, and you don’t overpay.

What will Life Insurance from DeadHappy cover

DeadHappy’s Life Insurance will cover you for some things that a lot of other insurers won’t. For example if you have in the past or currently have a mental illness. If you’d like to see a full list of what we do and don’t cover, it’s worth checking out our Plan Outline.

When you apply for life insurance with us, depending on your answers to the questions, we might give you the option of getting a price for Near Death insurance. Our Near Death insurance pays out when you get ill with something really serious, which is likely to have a pretty big impact on the rest of your life (you might know it as critical illness cover).

Who can make a claim on my policy and how do they do it?

Anyone can start the claims process by either emailing us at [email protected] or calling us on 0116 350 0134. We’ll ask them for your name, DOB and address; who they are and their relationship to you. Our claims team will let them know if we need anything else.

If you get a really nasty illness and you’ve got our optional near-death insurance then one of your friends or family can start the process, or you can do it yourself if you’re well enough.

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