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Life Insurance


There’s 8.5 million people in the UK that probably should have life insurance, but don’t. That’s because traditionally buying life insurance can be complicated, expensive, and brain-numbingly dull.

Not any more… we’ve redesigned it so you can get affordable life insurance online in just a matter of minutes.

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Apply online in minutes. No medical. No pesky phonecalls.


Choose your payout.

Get a simple cash payout or build your payout by making your deathwishes.


Answer a few simple questions.

It's quick and easy to apply and get an instant decision. A few online questions, and no medical.


Buy online today.

You're insured as soon as your first payment is made, so you can get on with the important stuff... living.

Why our
Life insurance
is awesome.


Our prices are based on who you are today, not that wrinkly weirdo you might be in 20-odd years. This means we’re usually cheaper than traditional insurers. Why pay more than you need?


Our life insurance comes with a minimum 10 year guarantee. We say minimum because you can reset it back to 10 years, every year. That means your original 10 year guarantee could end up being much much longer.


We’ve made our life insurance quick and easy to apply for. It takes just a few minutes online as we only ask you the information we really need. No medical, no calls, just 5 simple health questions!

What is

Life insurance?

Life Insurance provides a cash lump sum upon your death, to cover the things you choose. Pay a lump sum to your family, cover your own funeral or send your mates on a trip in your memory, it’s up to you what you want to happen when you die!

You decide how much cover you want and we’ll give you a monthly price which insures you for that payout if you were to die.

Get a quick quote and if you’re happy, buy online straight away!

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Our Guarantee

How does it work?

Our life insurance comes with a minimum 10 year guarantee. We say minimum because you can reset it back to 10 years, every year.

How does the reset work?

Every year we have an optional check-in. If there are no significant changes with your health, we can simply reset your guarantee back to its original 10 years.

What if I forget to check-in?

It’s OK, we’ll remind you with some annoying emails. But it’s also worth noting that you don’t have to check-in if you don’t want to. If your guarantee isn’t reset, it’ll just carry on decreasing year by year.

Policy information

We've turned the gobbledegook into plain English. If you want your plan explained in detail click here for your 'Key Facts Document'


What type of life insurance cover is right for me?

We can’t tell you this, specifically as we’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide insurance on a ‘non-advisory basis’ which means you have to make your own mind up which cover is right for you. What we can do however, is make it as easy and affordable as possible to get your life insurance cover.

When should I buy life insurance

Whenever you want. It’s a personal thing. Lots of people tend to buy life insurance if they’ve loved ones who would benefit from a cash sum to help with living expenses in the event of their untimely death, so naturally buying a house, getting married, having kids are key motivators, but again, it’s your call.

However, everyone, no matter what their circumstances, would probably benefit from creating a Deathwish. A Deathwish allows you to think, prepare and record what you’d like to happen upon your death, including silly stuff, like what fancy dress code people should adopt for your funeral, whether you’d like your ashes blasted into space like a spangly-tastic firework or simply something practical like a lovely bronze statue of yourself in the garden for everyone to remember you by, or if you’re like David from Essex, here’s an idea to get your creative juices flowing;

Pay for my funeral: Bury me in a forest and then go eat sausage rolls with ketchup. Get Carmel's funeral directors in Crawley to do it. Ta. (actual deathwish, name changed)

Go to our Deathwish page to find out more about Deathwishes.

Do you need life insurance to take out a mortgage?

It depends on your mortgage company, but probably not. People tend to look at life insurance when taking out a mortgage to ensure their loved ones would be OK financially if they were to die, and would use the cash payout to pay off the mortgage, or help towards living costs.

We've even written an article on just this subject over on our blog right here, if you're interested..

Why should I buy life insurance

Well, obviously we’re biased. We think There’s plenty of life events that make people decide to buy life insurance, such as buying a house, having kids or getting married, but the simple reason is, if you want the people around you to be financially OK if something were to happen to you, then life insurance is a good option. To read more about this, check out our guide ‘how to buy life insurance'.

Can I get life insurance if I have been diagnosed with a mental health condition

We rarely exclude people with mental health conditions both current and historical, so we certainly won’t say no for this reason, and we probably won’t skyrocket your premiums either (unlike some other providers). We’ve even written a little article about the subject, so if you fancy, pop over to our blog or ask our Honchos on live chat if you’ve any questions, at all or even just to ask them what you think you should make for lunch, our Honchos are at your service.