We want to try and change attitudes towards death, and what better way to do that than to facilitate the creation of 1 million deathwishes. It’s a big goal, but one we’re up for.


DeadHappy is an attitude thing.


DeadHappy is an attitude thing.


As a nation, we’re uncomfortable discussing dying and death. We want to help change that.
We want death to be less taboo, and more accessible to talk about.

Ultimately we want to change attitudes towards death.

I told you I was ill.

Spike Milligan’s epitaph


Meet a few of the people behind DeadHappy (and their deathwishes).

Andy Knott


I keep one eye on the business, brand, technology, and growth, while the other is firmly focussed on causing mayhem, chaos, and trouble-making. Some people seem to think it’s a bit weird… They’ve got a point.

Phil Zeidler


My focus is the business, in particular performance, partnerships and strategic opportunities. I also dabble in compliance as my hobby is protecting the innocents. I’ve been on lots of boards and for some reason was once entrusted to look after a hospital.

Dominic Holton


I look after all things product and customer, as well as poking my nose into growth and platform stuff. Before this I was partly responsible for those pesky meerkats invading your ad breaks. Sorry.

Ana Teixeira


Money’s my game. I look after what’s coming in, what’s going out, and what the future might look like. I live in England but also have a place in Portugal just in case the calculations all go wrong. I once used to do a lot of market comparisons.

Michelle Geslewitz


I eat a lot of spinach and love Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Currently earn a living selling stuff on the internet. Most likely to use net-speak and emojis without irony.

Ashleigh Sadler


I’m the token Aussie and I manage customer happiness, which is difficult when you have a bit of a potty mouth, I’m overly happy and enthusiastic about everything, and have spent much of my life dealing caffeine… then DeadHappy swept me off of my feet. What a ripper.


Not necessarily as individuals but collectively as DeadHappy.


Rest in happiness

It's good to give.


Covéa Insurance

Award-winning life and protection insurance provider.

Gen Re

One of the world’s leading life & health reinsurers.

Octopus Ventures

One of Europe’s largest Venture Capital teams.

Updates & Legal gumph
Current Version 2.1
  • Added
  • Hey Bowlhead video
  • Updated
  • Lifeline guarantee extended to 10 years.
  • Plan RulesView Rules
  • Improved
  • Life insurance acceptance for mental health issues
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