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What do you want to happen when you die?

Here at DeadHappy we know that talking about death is hard, planning for it even harder. Writing a will is one of the best ways to have a say over what happens when you die.

That’s why we’ve created a service that makes writing a will quick, simple and stress-free.

Make a will

Why should I make a will?

Got children under 18? Unless you state who should look after them if anything happens to you, the courts will. You can also say exactly who should get what, which might prevent everyone fighting over your stuff after you’ve gone.

Speaking of stuff, you don’t need to know where all the paperwork is for all your accounts, property and savings – just a brief note for each e.g. ‘Nationwide Saving Account’, will really help you loved ones know where to look when they’re tying up all the loose ends.

How does it work?

We’ll need to take a few details in order to create your Last Will & Testament, but the entire process should take no longer than 15 minutes. We’ll present you with a full breakdown at the end before you proceed. You may save your progress and come back at any time during the questionnaire.

With our will service you can:

Ensure your pets are taken care of

Specify your organ donation preferences

Exclude someone from your estate

Appoint guardians for your children

Specify your funeral arrangements

Maximise your children’s inheritance.

How do I know what I want to happen will happen?

That’ll be down to who you choose to be your executor. That’s executor not, executioner. These are the people responsible for making sure what you wanted to happen actually happens. It can be anyone you want, but common choices include, partners, adult children, siblings or even a professional. Whoever you choose, they should be confident dealing with paperwork and finances.

What are you waiting for? Create your will today

With our service you can setup a will in under 15 minutes.

How much does it cost?

Our service costs £65 for a basic will, but you can choose to have it checked by an expert who’ll make sure your wishes are clear for an extra £25. For a further £15 we’ll print, bind and send it to you by First Class Royal Mail.


For our basic will service

Expert checked

You can choose to have your will checked by an expert who’ll make sure your wishes are clear for an extra £25.

All boxes ticked

For a further £15 we’ll print, bind and send it to you by First Class Royal Mail.

Is it legal?

After downloading and printing your will (or receiving your bound copy in the post), yourself and two witnesses will need to sign it. If you don’t do this, your will won’t be legally binding. The law requires your will to be a physical, signed document. Your witnesses have to be over 18 and they can’t be anyone who stands to benefit from your will. Think work mates, friends or Alan from next door – unless you’re leaving everything to Alan next door.

Once it’s signed, keep it safe and make sure your executors (that’s executors not, executioners) know where to find it.

Tip: Don’t put it in a safety deposit box at the bank. Your executors can’t get access to your bank without probate and they can’t get probate with a will. You see the problem.

Find out more about making sure your will is legal.

Anything else I should know?

If the things you want to happen when you die are as straightforward as who gets what, where fido gets to live and what music you want at your funeral, we can help. But if your affairs are complicated, or you need to specify something out of the ordinary, then our service probably isn’t for you.

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