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My work experience at DeadHappy

Last week Maia joined the DeadHappy marketing team to get a better understanding of what a career in social media might be like. Here's how she got on during the three days she was with us.

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02/08/2022 | 9:30 am


Work experience at DeadHappy

During my time as a work experience student at DeadHappy, I worked in social media learning about and participating in the promotion of the business on a variety of platforms.

I began the first day with an observation of the Wednesday Wake which showed me some of the practices used in the company and set me up for the introduction to DeadHappy which was next. We were given a tour of the office then sat down to go through the core values and foundation of what the company is about. This first day I had less to do than the other days as it was more about getting used to the environment and learning about the message and aims but I enjoyed this as I was eased into the work and could take my time with the tasks set. I began work with Kate in the afternoon, looking at the deathwishes to see if I could find some to post to the socials. Using a personalised company platform, I was able to search through all of the deathwishes for keywords and choose some ready for day 2 in addition to filming and planning some tiktoks.

On day 2, I started off by editing and posting the tiktok made on day oneĀ  then carried on with filming the second tiktok that I had planned. This took up a fair amount of time as I had to sort out all the different locations for filming but I had guidance from Kate so there were very few issues. After this, I met up with Nik from the tech team to go through the security on the computer provided and learn how to download new apps that I may need for certain tasks specific to social media work. I was then left to independently work on a blog with a topic of my choosing – new ways to scatter ashes. Even after I had finished at Deadhappy for the day, I was eager to keep working on the blog and editing the tiktok when I got home.

My last day was just as informative and enjoyable as the others, ending my experience at DeadHappy on a high note. I made use of Zoom more frequently as very few people were in the office which, even though I was nervous about, went very well. I talked to Eddie from the growth team about the brand and how it is different from business. This was interesting and even though we ran out of time to look at partnerships that the company could make, I was glad to be able to learn about the thought process behind the scenes. I posted the tiktok that I had edited at home and then talked to Kate about using Canva and Photoshop to create posts for Facebook and Instagram. This was definitely one of the more challenging things that I completed over the three days as I had some issues using the software but after some help from Kate, I managed to successfully complete two posts (the first of which was immediately uploaded). Lastly, I finished my blog on scattering ashes after a round of edits and completed my time at DeadHappy.

Working at DeadHappy was a wonderful experience that I would definitely recommend for other students. I loved every second and I think that even though it is different to most workplaces, the progressive nature and unrestrictive values lend themselves to the fun yet productive atmosphere. I felt that my views aligned with those of the company and this allowed me to cooperate easily with those I worked with and feel like one of the team so that I could really see what it is like to be in a professional workplace. Thanks again so much to the DeadHappy team for letting me work there and making my experience so amazing.