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A tech company aiming to make a real difference.

We use technology to build products that disrupt the market. We’re building our products from the ground up, with the customer at the core. A team of self-starters, we have the freedom to make decisions, innovate and deliver fast.

We are a start-up with big plans

If we don’t, who the f**k will?

We believe in our product and to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of tech we have some basic core principles.


Own it

  • We own the products & features we build; as a team we succeed and fail together
  • We own our actions (and our mistakes) and we make sure to learn from them
  • We make the 5S'matter - Security, Stability, Scalability, Speed, Spend


It starts and ends with the customer

  • We are mostly building things for customers, so we start by questioning why we are doing it for them
  • We consider data privacy from the very start (Privacy by design)
  • We make the 5S'matter - Security, Stability, Scalability, Speed, Spend


Quality is in the fabric

  • Quality and security are built-in, not just tested in
  • We use the widest possible range of techniques to ensure we avoid sacrificing quality (TDD, BDD, Pairing, Mobbing, Observability, automation, pull requests) because it makes sense
  • In the choice between quality, scope and time, quality is generally not sacrificed


Fail fast but avoid breaking existing things

  • Things will break, make sure they are caught quickly through vigilance and observability (monitoring and alerting)
  • We don’t cover our arse, it masks issues and creates additional risk
  • We use automation to stay safe and run efficiently. If we have to repeat something manually more than a handful of times, we automate it


All things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the best one

  • Think through solutions; use second-order thinking; ask what additional problems this will create
  • Deep and Fast: Use shaping and questioning to build a richer solution, then go fast
  • We know when to build versus buy; concentrate on building core IP and use existing services where it has already been built


Default to sharing

  • We communicate what we are doing (working remotely requires overdoing this)
  • We seek to both understand and share context
  • We value transparency and honesty


We use data to inform decisions

  • We seek to measure what we care about
  • Instrumentation to understand what is happening and to pre-empt issues before they happen
  • Decisions aim have data-based insight available as one of the inputs

Grow with us

We don’t pigeon-hole people into roles. If you have ideas and want to get stuck in on something, you do! We also support each other in personal projects.

Be a part of something big

What we are building is much bigger than insurance. Our vision is to get people talking about death. And make planning for it (dare we say it..) fun! We’ve lots more products and services in the pipeline and need creative, innovative people to help us make this happen.

Have your share of the pie

You help grow and develop Deadhappy - you get rewarded. All our staff are awarded Share Options in the business. Meaning we are all invested, personally and financially in Deadhappy’s success.

Work Flexible

Work where you want, when you want. We don’t do rules at Deadhappy. You manage your own time and work, as an adult, we don’t think you need to be told what to do!

Say hello to your future

Meet the tech & product team

We’re all different, and we celebrate that. But we all love the work we do and are proud of the products we build.

Nick Meredith

Chief Technology Officer

Leading the tech team helping to change attitudes to death (and making lots of tea).

John Welbourn-Smith

DevSecOps Engineer

Keeping the Clouds and the Vultures away so that the team can build away!

Matthew Williamson

Senior Software Engineer

Developing skills & helping others improve theirs through coaching.

Jack Tomlinson

Senior Software Engineer

An all rounder making delightful customer experiences and building products to die for.

Stephen Rhodes

Senior Software Engineer

Figuring out what to build and how.

Iqbal Ibrahim

Senior Software Engineer

Implementing new features and supporting the backbone of our platform.

Joshua Layton-Wood

Analytics Engineer (Data Gnome)

Digs up data and puts it places?

Kanmi Odutola

Analytics Engineer (Data Dude)

Giving the business the ability to self-serve metrics in its search for insights.

Nikola Georgiev

Junior Software Engineer

Learning the art of software engineering one Javascript line at a time.

Samantha Grant

Product Manager

Herding cats and solving problems.

Kate Shipley

Product manager

Developing products and journeys with the customer at the core.

James Walley

UX/UI Designer

Creating a harmonious balance between journey and design across all products.