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Say hello to pay-as-you-go…

Say hello to pay-as-you-go… 1800 1200 DeadHappy

DeadHappy launches UK’s first pay-as-you-go (PAYG) digital life insurance.  DeadHappy believes that traditional life insurance is dead. They believe it’s over-priced, complex, inflexible, and does not meet customer needs.  8.1…

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Cheaper life insurance

The right price at the right time

The right price at the right time 1920 1280 DeadHappy

Why do we have cheaper life insurance? To calculate the cost of life insurance, the industry boffins (called actuaries) work out the risk of someone dying based on their age,…

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Updates & Legal gumph
Current Version 2.1
  • Added
  • Hey Bowlhead video
  • Updated
  • Lifeline guarantee extended to 10 years.
  • Plan RulesView Rules
  • Improved
  • Life insurance acceptance for mental health issues
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