Horror movies to keep you trembling this halloween

There are certain classics we like to reach for during the spooky season. The Shining, IT, Carrie, The Descent… You name the horror film, we’ve probably seen it (no seriously, that’s a dare). But let’s face it horror fan: among those glistening diamonds, there are quite a few ugly rocks. To save you even more heartbreak this halloween (damn you 2020), we’ve put together a list of 5 top horror films to keep you company. Enjoy!

# Horror Film 1: Paranormal

Dark Water

Japan is our go to place for paranormal horror films. The land of cherry blossoms brought us The Grudge, The Ring and the best of them all… Dark Water. Icy calm and eerie with and undercurrent of sadness seems to be just the right recipe for a perfect ghost story.


The only downfall? We’re afraid we’re running out of places to stay when we finally visit Japan. Whether we’re talking of comfortable homes adorned with shoji screens or apartment blocks, they’re currently both out of the question.

# Horror film 2: Modern Favourite

The Ritual

If The Blair Witch Project married the Wicker Man (and yes, we’re talking of the original, not the remake), The Ritual would be their baby.


All we’ll say is: grief and guilt in the depths of misty Scandinavian woods. Oh, and a peculiar creature some of us might recognise from ‘The Witcher’. But definitely not any bees (sorry to disappoint, Nicholas Cage).

# Horror film 3: Blood and Gore

Train to Busan

Who doesn’t like a good zombie movie? Yes, you’ve probably seen it all before. Cramped quarters? Check. A likeable group of characters? Check. Bloody, bite-y chaos? Check. Will it stop you from you giving it a go? We hope not.  After all it’s a zombie film. And a good one at that.

# Horror film 4: TV SHOW

Haunting of Hill House

Ok, so it’s not a horror film. It’s a Netflix show. And a long one at that. Prepare to dedicate 10 hours of your life to it, but boy is it worth it…! A Halloween binge watch perhaps?


Growing up in a haunted house can leave some ghosts lurking at the back of your mind. Both literal and metaphorical. Eventually, you’ll just have to confront them. Just… beware of the bent-neck lady.

# Horror film 5: The Classic

The Crow

This has to be our favourite superhero movie of all time. After being brutally murdered alongside his fiancée the day before their wedding, Eric Draven rises from the grave and assumes the gothic mantle of the Crow, a supernatural avenger.


A gothic feel, epic guitar solo and a fantastic final performance by Brandon Lee. What more could you want?

We might not be able to reincarnate you into an epic crow just yet (we’re working on it), but there are other things people can remember you by…

Make a deathwish