Black Friday deals to die for

Black Friday is the latest craze that came to us from America. And we get it, who wouldn’t want to save 20% off that 70 inch TV they’ve been eyeing-up since February?


But are any deals ever good enough to die for? According to a website reporting on Black Friday death count, the annual event has claimed 12 lives and caused 117 injuries so far.


So, in honour of the busiest shopping time of the year, we’ve put together a list of some of the deadliest (or just plain odd) Black Friday incidents. Who knows, maybe it will make you feel slightly better about the awful corona news that dominated the world this year. After all, no one is getting trampled this Black Friday. Silver linings and all that…

Black Friday Story 1:

Collapsed man ignored

A 61-year old pharmacist was shopping for Christmas decorations during the Black Friday sales. He’s already been dealing with a heart condition, but we can only imagine the chaos of Black Friday sales didn’t help. The worst part? After the man collapsed, the crowd kept their shopping craze, stepping over him in search for bargains. Talk about keeping your eyes on the prize

Black Friday Story 2:

Crowd gets pepper sprayed for an Xbox 360

We get it. Xbox is a pretty cool system. But does it really justify pepper spraying a crowd of people just to get it at a better price? One crazed woman did just that – pepper spraying shoppers after a crate full of discounted Xbox 360s was pulled out at a Los Angeles Walmart.

A mere 20 people were injured. Maybe she forgot life is not a game.

Black Friday Story 3:

The woman who had to go

Imagine standing in a line for hours… Even those with a bladder of steel would struggle. And we all know that one person who’d most likely produce a small pool we could all swim in.

Have we painted a vibrant enough picture? Good. Now enters reddit user (and BestBuy employee) Dave_Versus_Volcano to tell us a story about someone using one of the dryers as a bathroom, because they couldn’t wait another second longer. An awful smell dominated the shop floor, but we can’t say we blame the culprit. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Black Friday Story 4:

Belt turns into a whip

Sometimes you have to get creative to ward off the competition. A member of the crowd gathered in front of an Adidas store in British Columbia decided that using his belt as a whip would be a good idea. The sale was cancelled, and everyone missed out on the latest shoe release. Nice one, belt man.

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