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How does a song become ‘your song’?

So how do people choose ‘their song’? Do you have a ‘your song’? Whatever it is, it better not be ‘You’ve Got The Love’. I’m claiming that one.

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Andy Knott

March 24, 2021

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The soundtrack to your life

So you’re in a bar (when that is allowed to happen again!) and what should come on over the speakers?……it’s THE song that you have with the person who is with you. You both do that look, THAT LOOK! Sometimes a look is all that’s needed, sometimes you both announce at the same time “this is our song!” and sometimes you have to jump up and give them a right old hug (again, when that’s allowed!).

Work sucks, truck died, hot as hell outside…

Which leads me on to how the hell do we allocate these musical masterpieces to one another?! How does it suddenly become a soundtrack to your life?

It could be that the song comes on at the exact moment when something monumental happens to you. Or perhaps the lyrics just hit the spot. Sometimes, a song is played at the tough moments of your life, like a funeral, and suddenly you associate THAT particular tune with THAT person – now everytime you hear it in the future, it fills your heart with loveliness and memories of them.

Love might bring us both together…

For me it was a very sad day, my uncle who was the biggest legend I have ever known had slipped away from us while we were all at his house. The bugger waited til my cousin and I had been sent off to the shop to get more tissues and decided that would be his time to go… I still think that was on purpose but I’ll never know!

He’d been poorly for a while and that was his day. I felt empty and wanted to get out for a bit. He used to be a doorman and loved a laugh and I felt compelled to go out and drink cider for him because he couldn’t! So, being 24, I thought I wanted to rally up my troops but I wasn’t sure if I could cope with everyone.

However, there was one special person who had just been through a shit time herself and I knew I needed her.

Anything you want, you got it.

We met at a bar and properly got on it: had a little cry, had some more cider, reminisced about how my uncle would pretend he was Hulk Hogan’s brother, and how once he ate a moth (it basically flew into his mouth!) and thought he was the new Ozzy Osbourne – minus the bat! We were in the middle of the dancefloor and then it happened. Florence & The Machine – You’ve Got The Love came on. We were on opposite sides of the dance floor (because we are extra like that!) and we literally looked at each other and sang every word out loud. I’m making this sound very dramatic but it was, kind of. 

Also, just to add to the drama, the smoke machine was in full swing! I got really emotional singing it to my best one but we were totally in the moment and that was how we got “our song”. Both of us can hear it together, separately and we will always think of one another and I will always think of my uncle too.

The funeral playlist

That then got me thinking about what I would want playing at my funeral. Music is really important to me and I don’t want any old crap playing just to fill the silences! Then I really got into it, liking to be in control, I really wanted to be the DJ for the whole thing! My top 5 for a funeral playlist would be:

Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

Florence & The Machine – You’ve Got The Love (Obviously!)

Roy Orbison – Anything You Want

Wannadies – You & Me 

Chris Janson – Power of Positive Drinkin’

So what would your ultimate playlist be? On that note, a Deathwish has to be a great way to express what you want your family awkwardly dance to when the time comes, right?