5 surprising reasons why you might want life insurance

5 surprising reasons why you might want life insurance

5 surprising reasons why you might want life insurance 1440 1024 DeadHappy

Dying is something most people don’t want to think about.


It really is tough to get your head around, and even tougher can be trying to work out what you want to happen when you die. What do you care? You’re dead right? Nothing matters anymore. But life insurance isn’t about you (although you annoyingly pay for it), it’s about the people who live around you.

We think it’s about keeping alive moments and connections that you have and have had with other living things, be they friends, family, pets, communities, or indeed total strangers.

We also say people shouldn’t need life insurance, but they should want it. It’s a subtle difference but a really important one, and it’s one of the reasons why DeadHappy’s strapline is:

It’s an attitude thing.

Selfish attitude

Needing life insurance

Unselfish attitude

Wanting life insurance

So if you need life insurance, DeadHappy isn’t the place for you. If you want life insurance however, here are 5 things you might want it for:


You’re a realist

Spoiler alert: we all die. Whatever your circumstance and wherever you are in life, it’s something none of us can yet avoid. Once you’ve come to terms with that, you might also want to come to terms with what happens when you die.


You’re a pessimist

We get it. Your glass is always half empty. Every flight is a crash waiting to happen. There are lethal instruments everywhere and you take comfort in reading through the European Health & Safety Directives. If you’re always imagining the worst, then you might as well plan for it.


You’re an idealist

Just because you’re dead, it doesn’t mean your charitable efforts have to be as well. You might have always wanted the local dogs’ home to have a garden full of chew toys, or to fund some groundbreaking medical research that means something to you. Our deathwishes allow you to leave as little or as much as you want to whatever charity you like. Maybe you’ll get 400 Cockapoos named after you in your memory.


You’re an escapist

People dressed in black. Lots of shuffling around and whispering. Everyone looking like they’re just about to drop dead themselves. Dull eulogies. Sad music. Definitely no smiling and let’s not even mention breaking wind. Funerals really are an emotional melting pot. Although you might have escaped, there’s no reason why you can’t leave a bit of spirit behind.


You’re an opportunist

Sending your brother twin parrots to speak your thoughts from beyond the grave. Leaving money for a mate… but only once they complete a week-long list of physical and mental challenges. There are plenty of cool, funny or plain irritating things you can leave behind other than just cold hard cash. Life insurance doesn’t have to be just for the obvious stuff.

What kindist are you?

Make a deathwish. Get it insured.

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