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An Oasis of Irony.

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Louise Jeffery

October 8, 2020

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“I want my ashes to be scattered over the site of Maine Road in Manchester by Liam Gallagher whilst he ironically sings Live Forever”

– Will McCondach

Why the hell was a 21 year old drawn to life insurance?

Well according to a report published by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, Gen Z (one of the terms used to describe people born after 1996) drink less, take fewer drugs, and have made teenage pregnancy a near abnormality.. Most shockingly, for me anyway, is they apparently prefer juice bars to pub crawls…

So what are they doing instead? The answer – Social media. They can be found switching between Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. Will first saw an ad for life insurance whilst scrolling through memes, which piqued his curiosity enough to click it. Deathwishes?! Yes I’ll have some of that.

‘The sign up process was a piece of piss, I answered a few questions and then got an instant quote’ also he goes on to say ‘the visuals on site are completely different to other life insurance companies, not that I’ve looked at many. Nothing monotone, making it a cool experience’

So why a deathwish… ‘the deathwishes are so easy if you want your family to have a bit of cash when you die. Also you can make your death a celebration of your life rather than something depressing, who wants that?!’ It seems the younger generation would prefer a bit of revelry around their funerals.

Will was attracted to the deathwishes and put down exactly what he wants to happen when he dies, even if it is a bit fantastical. ‘My deathwish is based around my love for Liam Gallagher/Oasis – I’m literally obsessed with the guy, my mates take the piss all the time especially when I’m wearing top to toe Pretty Green. I’d love Liam to scatter my ashes over the site of Maine Road in Manchester, maybe he’d breathe a bit of me in… Maine Road was where Oasis performed one of their most iconic gigs ever. ‘Live Forever’ was a celebration of all the greats who have died so I want to be included in that list because I’m a bit of a cocky git like Liam, the main man himself.’

It’s not all rockstars and football though. Will, it seems, is a sensible Gen Zer after all and also chose a cash payout for his parents,

‘Although you can’t put a price on life, let alone your sons -and I’m a pretty awesome son to be fair! I want to have the peace of mind knowing that if I do die, my family would be financially stable for the rest of their lives and could treat themselves to some Pretty Green bucket hats in my honour!’

‘Boom! I actually felt professional writing that, I felt real responsibility hahahahha’