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Design Dominator

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We’re looking for an aspiring digital-first designer who wants to gain hands-on experience creating visual campaigns for social media, web, email and more. You’ll use your creativity to help grow an exciting new disruptive brand, and create video and imagery that’s seen by thousands of people each week. This is a great opportunity to develop your portfolio and quickly upskill.

We’re looking for someone that appreciates the finer details of typography while embracing an inner geekness towards the development of cascading style sheets. Someone’s who’s adept at building out landing pages while producing videos for Instagram.

What’s a Design Dominator supposed to do?

Be productive

Day-to-day creation of new creative assets for use on social media, taking ideas from concept phase to execution. Ad hoc involvement in other creative projects, including web graphics and photo editing.

Be awesome

It all starts with design so that’s why we need someone to have studied graphic design to a degree level so that they have a real understanding of the foundations and reasoning.

Be a devil

The devil is in the detail, and that’s where great becomes amazing. When we talk about detail, we mean animated transitions, timing, spacing, and feel… as a starter.

Be smart

Our customer experience is paramount, so we want someone to own and champion it. To understand and create ways of optimising our existing journey but without sacrificing visual design. Think logically creative.

Be a chef

We’re not looking for a farmer i.e. someone to build out new design systems and frameworks, but we are looking for someone who can take raw ideas and turn them into something visually delicious.

What we’re not looking for…

Egos: We’re a start-up so there’s all sorts of mundane stuff that will need to get done such as banner ads, image sourcing, optimising etc. If you think you’re above all that, you might as well stop reading now.

Other stuff

  • Most important of all: we’re looking for someone with boundless creativity and nothing would make you happier than getting paid to work on visual media all day long.
  • You’ll have a good working understanding of video and image editing software – it doesn’t have to be years of experience, but you should be comfortable using a design platform like Sketch or Adobe.
  • A design student or graduate would be preferred for this role, but we would consider anyone with a portfolio of design examples across digital media.
  • Ideally, you also have an understanding of design best practices for creating new imagery
  • You love social media (especially Instagram and Facebook!)
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with an eye for detail and the ability to interact well with others.
  • Excellent multi-tasker and time management skills.
  • Can demonstrate passion about something and the ability to influence other people to feel strongly about it too.
  • Enthusiastic & knowledgeable (or at least have a willingness to learn about life insurance!)
  • Outgoing and very comfortable interacting with other human beings.
  • Self-sufficient, pro-active and are at their best when given responsibility to just get on with stuff.
  • Belief in failing fast, trying lots of things out, and taking quick action when you learn what works and what doesn’t
  • Are keen to do more, even if it’s technically not your job.

Why work at DeadHappy?

Working at DeadHappy won’t be for everyone. We’re a new business and have a start-up environment highly motivated and focused on growing our product and hitting product-market fit. That means getting stuck into what you need to do but also getting involved in things outside of your experience and functional expertise.

We don’t have beanbags and Xboxes and you’ll more than likely be working on a scaffolding board (with the rest of us), so if you have a need for home comforts, this probably isn’t the place for you.

We have second-hand coffee machines, a RedBull fridge, and a few cardboard mouse mats, but alongside that, there exists a huge opportunity for someone to get involved in something we all believe will be very successful, and there will be career opportunities to branch out for the right candidate. It will be an adventure, we’ll all learn a huge amount along the way, and the best news is that we’ll also pay you some money (approximately £25k to start with).

If you are ambitious and looking to progress, we have big plans for growth and are well funded, so there will be plenty of opportunities for developing a career in a range of directions for the committed candidate.

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