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We think our life insurance is pretty great. It appears that some of our customers also agree enough so that they’ve taken the time to write us some rather flattering reviews on our trustPilot site.

Trustpilot logo Rated 5 stars

“Dead happy with DeadHappy!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed setting up my life insurance with DeadHappy. The death wish options are brilliant and you can customise them and share with loved ones.

The questions they ask are quick and simple..not like other sites!! I love the funny explanations in their FAQS too..who knew getting life insurance could be fun!”

We’d be careful mentioning “DeadHappy” three times, it’s not BeetleJuice you know

Trustpilot logo Rated 5 stars

“Simply the best!”

““Amazing company. Exceptional!

So happy I found them. Would recommend to anyone!

Easy 5*"

An ode to our favourite Diva – we’d prefer if you keep it going though, ‘better than all the rest’

Trustpilot logo Rated 5 stars

“More companies should be like this. Thoroughly recommended.”

“I can’t tell you how good their service is after you die, because thankfully I’m still alive right now (and it’d be hard to leave a review if I wasn’t). But in terms of customer service and ease of use, they get a 10/10 from me. I have some pre-existing medical conditions, so getting any type of insurance is never straightforward for me, but their humour, no-nonsense approach and great customer service made the whole process… enjoyable? Weird to say that about buying insurance, but it’s true. Everything was simple and straightforward, and it was easy to select a level of cover once I’d answered a few extra medical questions (nothing too invasive). Overall a big thumbs up from me.”

Now we’re just blushing.. We’ve told you not to leave reviews Mum!

graph  showing DeadHappy's NPS score of 84 compared to the average of other Life Insurance companies at 11

Net Promotor Score

So, surely other Life Insurance companies are as beloved by their customers for their awesome life insurance ? Judging by the average Net Promotor Score we’d say possibly not. Take a look at the graph below showing our NPS versus other Life Insurance companies.

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We wouldn’t blame you, they’re all highly entertaining, and talking about our favourite subject but we’ve made it even easier for you by showcasing all the reviews right here, right now - so go forth and read (if you want).