Deathwishes can be anything.

For example. They can be...


e.g. paying off the mortgage.

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e.g. a wake party in Ibiza.

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e.g. someone to take out the bins.

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e.g. donating to your favourite charity.

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e.g. a bronze statue of yourself.

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A bit bizarre

e.g. a fancy-dress funeral.

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Your wishes.

Your deathwishes are your own creation based on your own unique weirdness and will form the basis of your death plan. We believe this is a much better route than the industry alternative of an ‘expert’ who tells you how much ‘cover’ you ‘need’.

Cash payout.

Every death plan will have 1 default deathwish as a minimum – called the ‘cash payout’ deathwish. This is basically the catch-all for those of us without much imagination, so you don’t have to create deathwishes if you don’t want to. We urge you to give it a go though, it might even make the process of setting up life insurance just a little bit enjoyable… Yes, we actually said that.