A stroke which leads you with permanent disability or impairment to your nervous system (measured as a level 2 or above on the modified Rankin Scale at least one month after the stroke).

The effects of a stroke depends on where it takes place in the brain, and how big the damaged area is. For some people, the effects may be relatively minor and may not last long. Others may be left with more serious problems that make them dependent on other people. We payout if you can’t do the same things you used to do.

What we won't payout for

Level 0: Stroke

No symptoms at all.

Level 1: Stroke

No significant disability.

Can do all your normal activities, although there may be some symptoms.

What we will payout for

Level 2: Stroke

Slight disability

You can't do all your normal activities, but you don't need assistance.

Level 3: Stroke

Moderate disability

You need help with some activities, but you can walk unassisted.

Level 4: Stroke

Moderate severe disability

You can't walk unassisted.

Level 5: Stroke

Severe disability

You're bedridden and need constant care.