A heart attack which leads to a permanent reduction in your heart’s effectiveness

(Measured by an ejection fraction of 45% or below at least one month after the attack)

What we won't payout for

Ejection fraction above 45

A healthy heart has an ejection fraction of 50 or more. Between 45 and 50 there are some signs of damage, but normal physical activity is usually still possible.

What we will payout for

Ejection fraction 45 or lower

With an ejection fraction of 45 or lower, normal physical activity is likely to lead to fatigue, breathlessness, or palpitations.

The long term impact of a heart attack depends on the size of the area affected and the time between injury and treatment. We will payout if the attack leaves you with a heart that doesn’t pump as well as a normal one, and most likely makes normal daily activities more difficult.