Not all cancers are equal, so we can only payout if it’s one which is not so easily treatable and is likely to have a bigger impact on your life, therefore we can only payout for cancer that has progressed to prognostic stage 2 or equivalent on TNM classification.

(We will not pay for benign tumours and skin cancers, except for melanoma that has spread beyond the skin).

What we won't payout for

Stage 0: Cancer

A group of abnormal cells that is too small to form a tumour. They may develop into cancer in the future if untreated.

Stage 1: Cancer

A relatively small cancer that has not spread into surrounding tissue or lymph nodes. These cancers are easily treated and you’re likely to bounce back in a relatively short period.

What we will payout for

Stage 2: Cancer

A larger cancer which has  spread into the surrounding tissue or lymph nodes.

Stage 3: Cancer

A larger cancer which has spread more widely or deeper into the surrounding tissues or lymph nodes.

Stage 4: Cancer

Cancer which has spread to another organ.

These cancers will require more serious treatment, possibly including chemotherapy, and are more likely to have a long term effect on your life.