What's the difference?

Level-term v. Pay-as-you-live

Traditional life insurance tends to align its pricing with both the risk of you dying and the length of the policy i.e. ‘the term’ (this is usually under the guise of trying to keep things nice and simple). Our life insurance on the other hand, aligns its pricing only with the risk of you dying. We call this pricing ‘pay-as-you-live’.

Here’s a crazy graph to make sense of it all.

Nice crazy graph but what does it all mean?

In a nut-shell, level-term life insurance is fine if you think you think the policy you take out will keep up with, and stay relevant to your life. If however you think there’s a good chance your life might get a bit crazy and change a bit (remember: we’re talking 20 years), and so will have to change your policy at some point in the futue, then you’ll end up over-paying for your insurance.

Scary fact

The average tenure of a 20-year life insurance policy.

And the fun doesn't stop there

Other reasons why pay-as-you-live is better

Yes we’re biased, but here are some other reasons why we think pay-as-you-live pricing is better.

Less guess work

Wouldn’t it be better to have regular check-ins so we don’t have to worry about what your Grandad’s Dad died of.

Less jiggery-pokery

Wouldn’t it be more logical to pay the price for who you are now, not who you might become over the next 20 years.

More flexibility

Wouldn’t it better for you to be able to change stuff to suit your lifestyle as you grow older and sometimes wiser.

More sense

Wouldn’t it make more sense to reduce the cost of your death insurance if for instance you gave up smoking?

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We're far from famousbut we are making waves.

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