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A different kind of life insurance.

How it works

Get your life insurance online in 3 easy steps


Make a deathwish

No, not the desire for self-annihilation, but our way of helping you express what you want to happen when you die. Such as pay off the mortgage, a cash payout for a loved one, or other deathwish.


Answer 4 simple questions

We don’t have a big health and medical interrogation. We think it’s better to ask less questions, but more often. That’s why we have just 4 simple ones.


Get your price and pay

We charge the price for who you are today, not who you might be in 20 year’s time. This is why our price for your life insurance cover can be so much cheaper than you might see elsewhere.

One last thing

And don't forget...

You can cancel whenever you like with no penalties. No irritating phone calls (we don’t even take your phone number). And we don’t pass on your personal info to anyone else. Ever. So sit back, and relax…

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“Dead happy with DeadHappy!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed setting up my life insurance with DeadHappy. The death wish options are brilliant and you can customise them and share with loved ones.

I thoroughly enjoyed setting up my life insurance with The questions they ask are quick and simple..not like other sites!! I love the funny explanations in their FAQS too..who knew getting life insurance could be fun!”

We’d be careful mentioning “DeadHappy” three times, it’s not BeetleJuice you know

Trustpilot logo Rated 5 stars

“Simply the best!”

““Amazing company. Exceptional!

So happy I found them. Would recommend to anyone!

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An ode to our favourite Diva – we’d prefer if you keep it going though, ‘better than all the rest’