Why would you want to work at DeadHappy?

Seriously? We believe the question should be ‘Why wouldn’t you want to work for us?’ Not only are we a super cool brand making massive waves and as innovative as Elon you know who, but because everyone who also works here is awesome.

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We don’t do egos and if corporate glass ceilings and meeting after meeting are your thang then it’s probably not going to work. It’s not you, it’s us. But if you’re passionate about what you do, want to do something that really matters and you’re super self motivated then we may be the job you’re looking for.

In return we offer flexible, nay, totally fluid working conditions and genuinely great rates of pay. Our work life balance is in perfect harmony. We work hard, we play hard and are all committed to achieving our goals. Because, unlike Dua Lipa, we Give a F*** and we expect you to, too.

Dead Happy

Our Core Values

We’re not like other companies, thankfully. When we created our values, we weren’t just paying lipservice to some corporate bulls***, we live them too.

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Flex it

Flexible Working

Because ‘presenteeism culture’ is dead. At DeadHappy anyway. We want our team to work where, when and however helps them to create their best work. We offer unlimited annual leave and we definitely don’t track your every move or expect you to request time off for doctors or dentist appointments with us. You are an adult, and we’ll treat you like so.

We encourage our team to work in whatever way works best for them. We’ve an awesome office space, a converted mill you can use and enjoy, with an impressive snack cupboard, fridge and fully stocked bar. With fake grass on the walls, a silverstream caravan and a couple of coffins to chill in. We’re family friendly, naturally. We don’t care if you need to go and pick up the kids, you manage your own schedule and you’re the master of your own destiny.


We support each other to achieve goals

Because it isn’t always about work. You’re a person first and you have needs. (according to a chap called Maslow). We actively care and support our team to achieve those life goals. We empathise, and help if we can when things aren’t going right, and we have meetings that ask ‘how are you feeling’ as well as ‘how are we going to get this shit done’.

We have fun together. We have regular movie nights in the office, quizzes, days out and team lunches (who doesn’t like free food).


Creating an inclusive environment

Diversity, engagement and belonging are central to DeadHappy’s values. We’re dedicated to hiring diverse talent, and we treat everyone with respect. We embrace diversity and create conditions that provide everyone with an equal opportunity to thrive. End of.

Make a difference

Because you’re part of something amazing

We’re not just trying to flog something, we’re trying to disrupt the entire sector. We’re trying to change attitudes to death, to help people, to improve the status quo. We’re trying to turn life insurance on its head, and so far we’ve done a pretty good job, even if we do say so ourselves. Be part of that.

Still not convinced?

Don’t just take our word for it

"Why do I love it at DeadHappy? I’m allowed to be creative, proactive and super annoying by asking questions about everything - they actually welcome it, yes they welcome my loud mouth and sometimes tiny brain.

Values and culture are held in high regard so everything is open and transparent and we are trusted to explore whatever we like - even if it’s sorting a fun night out for everyone or learning a new skill that has nothing to do with work, like climbing… madness!

The people are my fave people in the world, soppiness and vomit inducing cringey-ness aside they’re a super bunch who I love being around. Think family more then friends. Oh and we get unlimited holiday and flexible hours too but believe it or not that’s not anywhere near the best thing about this place

P-Head (Louise) Happiness Honcho

"Since joining DeadHappy I haven't looked back. I am passionate about our vision and in order to make it happen we have strived to create a culture and workplace that we all really want to be part of, one that doesn’t have anybody dreading coming into work on a Monday morning. We have also stripped out any unnecessary process and bureaucracy. It doesn’t mean we don’t work hard here, being a startup there is a hell of a lot to do and we all have to roll our sleeves up and get stuff done. But we have fun while doing it. We have an awesome Tech Team and they are in the lucky position to be building a fantastic platform while working with some really cool and leading edge stuff. Alongside this we have set ourselves the challenge to make sure that everybody is equipped and empowered to make decisions without having to defer upwards (which would be tricky given we don’t have a hierarchical structure)."

Nick Meredith CTO

"I f***ing love my job. I mean, how often can you say that? Not only am I getting to do all the stuff I really enjoy, hands on, and being trusted to just get it done, but i’m working with a group of similar minded, and quite honestly awesome people with absolutely no egos who will bend over backwards to help you achieve our goals. This is a company who are not only incredibly fun, innovative and pushing boundaries, but who are trying to do something that will genuinely help people. As a parent, with a young child, the total flexibility of our working environment takes away so much stress of how to manage day-to-day life with a little monster. I really, really hope I don’t ever have to go back to a real job."

Rachel Growth Guru

"I can't explain how good it is working at DeadHappy without sounding a little bit doesn't feel like work, every day is fun and I actually love all the people I work with. Everyone has so much passion for what we are trying to achieve that every day is exciting. I never want to have to work anywhere else!"

Loren General Genius

Go on - what's the worst that could happen

Current Vacancies

Maternity cover Assistant Accountant


We are looking for a dedicated and talented team member to join the Accounting team at DeadHappy.

Big Data Engineer


We are looking for a dedicated and talented team member to join the data team at DeadHappy.