Deconstructing tradition

The unmash-up

Traditional life insurance mashes everything up together, so that’s the price, the guarantee, and the length of the policy. While on the surface that might look like everything is being made simpler, the reality is that it’s hiding a bunch of inefficiencies that don’t benefit you. Our life insurance is different, we’ve unmashed the mash up to provide better prices and complete flexibility, while keeping the peace of mind that you need.

Fixed free

Some might argue that a 20 year guarantee is better than a 10 year one. That might be true if it was a like-for-like comparison but it isn't. Our death insurance guarantee is different, it isn't fixed and it's designed to move with the ups and downs of life.

Yearly refresh

With our life insurance, you get the opportunity to refresh your guarantee every year. So as an example, after your first year you'll have 9 years left on your guarantee. However if you decide to refresh it, it'll move back to 10 years.


A 10 year guarantee

To give you peace of mind our life insurance comes with a 10-year guarantee. That means if anything nasty happens to you within the first year of being a customer, we’ll guarantee to honour your insurance for the rest of the year, and then also the next 9 years after that.


Yearly check-in

After a year we’ll get in touch for a check-in, we do this every year just to see if your insurance is still working for you, and to check to see if anything major has changed from a health perspective. If all good, we’ll be able to offer you the chance to refresh your guarantee back to it’s original 10 years.


All change

Not all… but If something major has changed by this next check-in, we’re left with a couple of options. We might be able to offer you the opportunity to refresh your guarantee but at a different price (to reflect the change), or we just might not be able to offer you a refresh.


No change

If the situation is still the same you might decide to just ignore this next check-in altogether. It would mean your guarantee would be reduced again by another year to 8 years, but it would also mean your payments wouldn’t increase in line with your change in circumstance.


Break through

Another change but this time for the good. Whatever it was it’s all been sorted. So at this check-in we can offer you a guarantee refresh back to the original 10 years, you might want to ignore it again but why would you? You’d be 4 years in and still have a 10-year guarantee.


A guarantee you control

You might decide to only refresh your guarantee in the latter years. Either way you’ll have the option to move your guarantee along with you. So it’s not just a 10-year guarantee we offer, it’s a 10-year movable guarantee.

Real customers with unreal reviews

Happy people

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We're far from famous but we are making waves

We're far from famousbut we are making waves.

We're safe

We're regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and backed by some of the world's largest insurers and reinsurers.

We're secure

We're not just GDPR compliant, we're GDPR obsessed. The reality is that we treat your data like our data, and our data is everything.

We're respectful

Just because we like the brighter side of life doesn't mean we put honky red clown noses on when it comes to claims.

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