Life insurance

doesn’t have to be complicated.

Life insurance is really pretty simple. You pay a monthly fee, and if you die, your next of kin get a payout.

Yet with complex products, unfair pricing, exhausting sign-up processes and extensive exclusions the industry has done a great job of overcomplicating it. On top of that no one has thought to ask what surely is the most important question….‘what do you want to happen when you die?’

That’s why we have rebuilt the product from the ground up, and come up with what we think is a much cheaper, easier and better version.

Cheaper life insurance

You are more likely to die in 20 years time than you are today.
This means your life insurance will cost less today than in 20 years time.
Life insurers usually average out your price, meaning you overpay today and underpay in the later years.

This is fine if you last the distance, but virtually no one does, meaning that most people are paying far too much for their life insurance.

Our product doesn’t do this.
We simply charge you the right price today.
It does mean it might go up a little each year, but we think this is much fairer, more transparent,
and allows you to make changes without fear of losing out

Easier life insurance

What can you typically expect when you try and buy life insurance?

Ever thought about committing suicide?

How’s your recreational drug history?

What did you Grandad’s brother die of?

Any issues with your vascular system?

All these confrontational and difficult questions… and about 100 others. Oh and maybe a medical. And don’t even think about doing this all online, you’re going to have to speak to someone….

This is what you can typically expect when trying to buy life insurance.

The main reason for all this is that life insurers want to sell you a long term product and then never hear from you again. They are taking a long term bet, and therefore want to know everything they possibly can about you to try and minimise their risk.

We think this process is completely mental in the digital age we live in. We spent a lot of time in the insurance industry and kept asking them ‘why?’ until we found out what they really needed to know. This enabled us to build a completely different kind of product….

We ask you 4 questions
(and they’re all things you’re likely to know).

Everything can be done online and in your own time
(and while we’re on time…)

It really doesn’t take long
(you could probably get everything sorted in under 3 minutes).

Far easier.

Better life insurance

Aside from being expensive and complex, we think there’s lots of other things the life insurance industry can improve on. Here’s some of the things we’re trying to do to make a better product:

Terms & conditions

Keep the terms and conditions really simple, clear, and above all, easy to read so you know exactly what you’re signing up to.

Be frank

Not Frank Butcher, but frank and straightforward. Beware, this means we might mention the ‘D-word’

The bright side

Life insurance is a serious product for a serious reason, but that doesn’t mean buying it has to be dull. We’re going to try and make it a bit more interesting.

The scary question

Spend more time helping you to decide ‘what you want to happen when you die’ rather than on the process of signing up. That’s why we have deathwishes.

Don't just take our word for it... Give it a go and see what you think.

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Life insurance that’s simpler, easier, and better.


What do you want to happen when you die?

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