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There may be no guarantees in life, but there is in death with a DeadHappy Life Insurance Plan

We’re deconstructing traditional life insurance with affordable life insurance based on who you are today, not who you might be in 20 years time.

How does it work?

Our life insurance comes with a minimum 10 year guarantee. We say minimum because you can reset it back to 10 years, every year.

How does the reset work?

Every year we have an optional check-in. If there are no significant changes with your health, we can simply reset your guarantee back to its original 10 years.

What if I forget to check-in?

It’s OK, we’ll remind you with some annoying emails. But it’s also worth noting that you don’t have to check-in if you don’t want to. If your guarantee isn’t reset, it’ll just carry on decreasing year by year.

How do I

Reset the guarantee

No health changes

If it’s all good, we’ll offer you the chance to reset your guarantee back to its original 10 years, or you can stick with the remaining years left from your original plan.

Major health changes

If something major has happened to affect your health negatively by your check in, there’ll be two scenarios:


We can offer you a refresh at an alternative price. You can choose whether you extend your guarantee back to 10 years at the new price, or keep your existing plan and its remaining years at your original price.


We unfortunately can’t offer you a refresh based on your situation. You won’t be offered a refresh but will be able to keep your existing plan for the remaining years. We’ll check in again and if your situation improves, we may be able to offer you a refresh at a later date.

Want to see more? Create your deathwish now

Using our deathwish platform, you can create, explore and add beneficiaries, give it a go.

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