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Our 10 Year Guarantee

There may be no guarantees in life, but there is in death with a DeadHappy Life Insurance Plan

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The mash-up

We’re deconstructing traditional life insurance

If you take out a life-insurance plan with us, not only will you get really cheap life cover, but we guarantee to cover you with a lifeline of 10 years

Some might argue that a traditional 20 year guarantee is better than a 10 year one. But can you honestly say you’re the same as you were 20 years ago?

Traditional life insurance mashes everything up together, so that’s the price, the guarantee, and the length of the policy. While on the surface that might look like everything is being made simpler, the reality is that it’s hiding a bunch of inefficiencies that don’t benefit you. We think that mashing is great for potato, avocado, even some music but not so much with life insurance.

Un-mash for cheaper life insurance

Our life insurance is different, we’ve unmashed the mash up to provide better prices and complete flexibility, while keeping the peace of mind that you need. So you get cheap life insurance, with no compromise on cover.

But what if I want a longer plan term? No problem. With our life insurance, we’ll offer you the opportunity to refresh your 10 year guarantee, subject to your circumstances. every year. So as an example, after your first year you’ll have 9 years left on your plan’s guarantee. However if you decide to refresh it, it’ll move back to 10 years.

Year #1

To give you peace of mind our life insurance comes with a 10-year guarantee. That means if anything nasty happens to you within the first year of being a customer, we’ll guarantee to honour your insurance for the rest of the year, and then also the next 9 years after that.

Year #2

We’ll check in with you every year just to see if your insurance is still working for you, and to check to see if anything major has changed from a health perspective.

No changes

If it’s all good, we’ll be able to offer you the chance to refresh your guarantee back to its original 10 years, or you can stick with the remaining years left from your original plan.


If something major has changed at your check-in, you’ve a couple of options. We might be able to offer you the opportunity to refresh your guarantee back to 10 years, which may be at a different price or we might not be able to offer you a refresh.

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