How long does the deal last?

Your plan lasts for 10 years.
The plan will end sooner if you cancel, stop paying, or if you die.
The plan can be extended beyond 10 years if we both agree to it.
We will email you every year to see if you want to extend This may require answering a few questions to make sure you still meet our criteria and it’s possible that we won’t be able to extend your plan at that stage. If this is the case your plan will end after the original 10 years are up (or 10 years since the last extension if you have ever extended your plan)
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Updates & Legal gumph
Current Version 2.1
  • Added
  • Hey Bowlhead video
  • Updated
  • Lifeline guarantee extended to 10 years.
  • Plan RulesView Rules
  • Improved
  • Life insurance acceptance for mental health issues
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