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Make a Deathwish.

It’s your insurance (and your death!). Choose how to spend your payout.


Life insurance

Life insurance was barely alive when we got hold of it. We redesigned it. We built the technology. We made it fast. We made it easy. We made it cheap.


Our prices are based on who you are today, not that wrinkly weirdo you might be in 20-odd years. This means we’re usually cheaper than traditional insurers. Why pay more than you need?


Our life insurance comes with a minimum 10 year guarantee. We say minimum because you can reset it back to 10 years, every year. That means your original 10 year guarantee could end up being much much longer.


We’ve made our life insurance quick and easy to apply for. It takes just a few minutes online as we only ask you the information we really need. No medical, no calls, just a few simple health questions!

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We think we're pretty great (but we would eh?). Don't just take our word for it, some of our awesome customers have left us some rather flattering reviews on TrustPilot - see for yourself!

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Very helpful customer service. Easy to set up and by far the cheapest insurance I came across. I also like how relaxed the tone is, for example, setting money aside for a funeral and calling it a deathwish,put me at ease somehow and gave me a chuckle at my own passing!

Stephanie wells


image of trust pilot 5 stars

Very easy and straightforward to set up. Terminology is fun and easy to understand, makes life insurance fun instead of boring and serious. Incredibly pleased with my deathwish. Children found it hilarious when receiving their emails as benefactors. Totally recommend!

Carole-Ann Pouton


image of trust pilot 5 stars

Applying is easy…


Choose your payout.

You could make a simple cash payout, pay off the mortgage, donate some money to a charity, or have a bronze statue made (of you).


Answer a few simple questions.

Once you know your amount, we've streamlined the whole application process. We only ask a few health questions, so it's very quick and easy.


Buy online today.

Your insurance starts as soon as you make the safe and secure payment online. No paperwork. No waiting. No hassle. No fuss.

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The Deathwish

Not the desire for self-annihilation, just our way of helping you understand what you want to happen when you die.

We’re building the world’s largest place where you can make, store, and share your wishes for whatever you want to happen when you die.

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Life insurance

without the bulls#!t.

No stupid questions.
Life’s too short.

No paperwork.
The forests are dying too.

No free gifts.
Except a couple of months cover.

No medicals.
We’ll take your word for it.

No sales calls.
We don't even take your phone number

No IFAs/Brokers.
We’ve buried the middleman.


If you don't have enough money to protect your loved ones when you die, then you might want to get life insurance.

If you want to leave some money or assets to your loved ones, you should probably make a Will.

Life Insurance.

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