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Product Manager


January 4, 2022



In a nutshell:

Product owner for the partnerships; a new and massively important growth area for DeadHappy.


Our beliefs

What do you want to happen when you die?

DeadHappy exists to change society’s attitude to death. We believe that pretty much everything about death planning, death services, and how people generally feel about the topic needs to change. We aim to do this through a radically different way of talking about and approaching death, wildly better products (we started with life insurance but there’s a load more to come), and a bunch of new services that we haven’t even thought of yet.

We feel equally contrarian about workplace culture. We can (and will) talk for hours about our values, but fundamentally we believe in autonomy and humanity. You don’t have to BE a certain thing, but you do need to be prepared to jump in with both feet, care deeply (about what we’re trying to do, yourself, and your colleagues), forget how you think you’re supposed to behave at work, and just get involved.


How DeadHappy does product

Product owners at DeadHappy are multi-faceted. We are responsible for building new products and managing existing ones, both looking after the back-end mechanics of the product as well as the front-end digital experience.

We have a real passion for solving customer and business problems by working collaboratively with those around us, and we’re happy to get stuck into what we need to do, but also get involved in things outside of our specific experience and functional expertise when needed.

We drive the generation of new product ideas, working with tech, customer and growth colleagues to get things built and tested, then developed on. We also work externally with insurers, distribution partners and other product providers, helping to design products and features from the ground up, and managing the operational processes to run these products effectively.


What we’re looking for

We’re just about to complete our latest round of funding, and that means big plans are afoot.

One of the key growth areas for us is partnership distribution, taking our in-house tech platform, developing new products and services (or adapting current ones) and working with partners to bring those to a whole new audience (think price comparison sites, digital fintechs, big consumer brands, etc…)

Our Death Products To Die For ‘Mission’ (all our key initiatives are orientated around missions) needs someone to drive our ‘Partnerships’ Challenge (challenges exist to meet the mission objectives). You’ll be leading a cross-functional team to conceive, build and iterate our platform, products & services to help drive the huge growth we have planned.


Your previous life

It would be lovely if you have →

● 5 years+ of digital product management experience

● excellent communication, problem-solving, organisational and analytical skills

● experience of building new products from scratch in an agile way, ideally in a high

growth environment

● experience of both B2B and B2C product management

● a passion for being customer focused, a good level of tech knowledge and the ability to

switch between high-level and detail

● a healthy interest in the data; where to find it and how to use it to make the right


● start-up experience would be great, but not essential

● a technical background is a bonus, but not essential

● some experience of insurance / law might be interesting, but it depends what it is…


Everything we do is completely rethought from the ground up, so any entrenched beliefs might make that difficult. Having said that, you will be in guts of building insurance and legal products from scratch, so some understanding might help… we’ll play that one by ear.



● We’re more interested in your attitude and capability than how many degrees you have


DeadHappy people

To thrive at DeadHappy you’ll need to →

● have a healthy tolerance for ambiguity

● be comfortable working without rules and structures

● be super happy just cracking on with stuff without anyone looking over your shoulder

● be OK with not knowing how to do something, and keen to work it out

● be passionate

● be interesting. We like people who are a bit different.


What we’re not looking for

In one word… egos. We’re a young business so along with the grand designs and managing partners there’s all sorts of mundane stuff that’ll need to get done and we don’t have a big team to do it. We need someone who will get stuck in and isn’t afraid of doing a bit of everything.


Career disclaimer

Working at DeadHappy won’t be for everyone. We’re highly motivated and focused on building the very best products and services. We’re small and agile, so that means getting stuck into what you need to do, but also getting involved in things outside of your experience and functional expertise.

We’re based out of an old mill in the heart of Leicester, where we meet up to socialise and collaborate face-to-face. That said, our culture is one of high autonomy and high trust and we believe that the right people are grown up enough to figure out how to balance what works for them and for DeadHappy in order to get the job done. We support all the usual working stuff that you would expect in any sensible business (e.g. remote working, flexible hours, unlimited holidays etc.).

It will be an adventure, we’ll all learn a huge amount along the way, and the best news is that we’ll also pay you some money.

If you’re ambitious, looking to progress, and want to create something unique, you’ll find no better place to work. We have big plans for growth, so there will be plenty of opportunities for expanding a career in a range of directions for the right person

To apply please email your CV and covering letter to [email protected] or use the button below.

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