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Head of Finance & Operations


January 6, 2022



Our beliefs

What do you want to happen when you die?

DeadHappy exists to change society’s attitude to death. We believe that pretty much everything about death planning, death services, and how people generally feel about the topic needs to change. We aim to do this through a radically different way of talking about and approaching death, wildly better products (we started with life insurance but there’s a load more to come), and a bunch of new services that we haven’t even thought of yet.

We feel equally contrarian about workplace culture. We can (and will) talk for hours about our values, but fundamentally we believe in autonomy and humanity. You don’t have to BE a certain thing, but you do need to be prepared to jump in with both feet, care deeply (about what we’re trying to do, yourself, and your colleagues), forget how you think you’re supposed to behave at work, and just get involved.

What we’re looking for

An ambitious, highly-competent finance-trained person who wants to take on broader operational responsibilities. Essentially making sure the company runs effectively, alongside helping manage its finances.

What you’ll be doing

DeadHappy is a high-growth VC backed company and you’ll be the day to day finance lead for the company – with all that entails.  You should be the person everyone instinctively turns to because of your proactive nature and the quality of your insights.

There’s a finance assistant to help you and for you to coach, and a CFO (2.5 days/week) to be guided by. DeadHappy’s culture is heavy on trust and autonomy so you will get real responsibility and opportunity to grow.

Some of the finance elements of the role are the things we have to do (reporting, forecasting, commercial analysis, operational finance) and some are less structured but perhaps even more important e.g. adapting and improving our systems to keep the right balance as we grow, or supporting and steering the rest of the business however we can.

You will also drive (project manage) the Operations community, this helps us to keep doing the right things, but in the DeadHappy way.

The scope of the Operations community includes: all things financial (including involvement in fundraising), ensuring we remain compliant, have appropriate levels of governance, that our technology is aligned around the 5Ss (Secure, Stable, Scalable, Speedy and effective Spend) and that decision making is supported by Data whenever possible.

Skills / Experience

  • Qualified Accountant (ACA or similar) with minimum 3 years PQE
  • Prior experience working for a start-up/scale-up, possibly in a Finance Manager role
  • You’ll have seen what ‘good’ looks like, either at an employer or a client
  • Experience in project management and/or in persuading others
  • Experience of managing and coaching others
  • Familiarity with Insurtech / the insurance industry or fintech in general would be a bonus

Other stuff we’re keen on

  • Whilst DeadHappy allows discretion in where you work from, it is likely that you’ll be able to work from the office in Leicester several times per week
  • You will have a healthy tolerance for the ambiguity that comes with fast paced digital workplaces
  • You will be willing to get your hands dirty to unblock and enable the whole company
  • You’ll have the self-sufficiency, pro-activeness and attitude to be at your best when given responsibility to just get on with stuff
  • And you’ll be comfortable interacting with other live human beings but also happy in your own company

What we’re not looking for

In one word… egos. We’re a young business so along with the grand designs and managing partners there’s all sorts of mundane stuff that’ll need to get done and we don’t have a big team to do it. We need someone who will get stuck in and isn’t afraid of doing a bit of everything.


Remote Working

  • Ability to be on-site occasionally


  • [ ] Health
  • [x] Pension
  • [ ] Travel
  • [ ] Life Insurance
  • [x] Share options


Career disclaimer

Working at DeadHappy won’t be for everyone. We’re highly motivated and focused on building the very best products and services. We’re small and agile, so that means getting stuck into what you need to do, but also getting involved in things outside of your experience and functional expertise.

We’re based out of an old mill in the heart of Leicester, where we meet up to socialise and collaborate face-to-face. That said, our culture is one of high autonomy and high trust and we believe that the right people are grown up enough to figure out how to balance what works for them and for DeadHappy in order to get the job done. We support all the usual working stuff that you would expect in any sensible business (e.g. remote working, flexible hours, unlimited holidays etc.).

It will be an adventure, we’ll all learn a huge amount along the way, and the best news is that we’ll also pay you some money.

If you’re ambitious, looking to progress, and want to create something unique, you’ll find no better place to work. We have big plans for growth, so there will be plenty of opportunities for expanding a career in a range of directions for the right person.

To apply please email your CV and covering letter to [email protected] or use the button below.

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