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Say hello to the people that bring you our content.

  • Image of Kate N-B

    Kate Nolan-Burgess

    Social Media Sorceress. Thanatologist. MA Death.

    Always on the lookout for the unusual and the curious.

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  • Image of rachel

    Rachel Hardwick

    Growth Guru, Google Whisperer, Eco-Warrior.

    Likes to grow stuff, whether business or plant. Fan of a/b testing. Swears a lot.

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  • Image of Dale

    Dale Draycott

    Happiness Honcho. Jack of all trades, Master of None.

    Loves the weird and the wonderful with a bit of punk rock on the side.

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  • Image of Louise

    Louise Jeffery

    ‘talk about the dead, that way they never truly die’

    Happiness Honcho. General gobshite. Owner of the loudest laugh - apologies in advance

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  • Image of Erica Buist

    Erica Buist

    Writer. Journalist. Author.

    Went to seven death festivals and wrote a book about it. This Party’s Dead coming February 2021.

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  • Image of Kate N-B

    Dominic Collard

    Dead Good Writer

    Writes stories, makes chutney, fathers boys. Never together.

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  • Image of clare

    Clare Fuller

    Dead Good Writer

    Eat a packet of crisps with your other hand, they taste better!

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